Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mo Manning - Adventure Guy

Sometimes (make that usually) I find having my grandchildren living so far away from me quite difficult.  To see the boys it's a 6-hour drive which can be a bit daunting at least while I was still working.  I do miss them terribly though and every now and then I send them a card to let them  know I'm thinking about them.  These are the only ones I don't put money into -- I wonder if they still think they're okay.  Nick, who is now 8, tells me he has collected and saved all the cards I've ever sent him which is quite nice!  This card is for Nick - who is just now getting to the adventurous stage.  I hope he keeps his curiosity about life!!
Materials:  Mo Manning - Digital Design; Amtique Hinge: SCACD - Ornate Hinge; Spellbinder Die; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mo Manning - A Sister Is - For Emily

My sweet Emily is now 7 years old, and this card is to represent her and her little sister Katie.  Emily is a great big sister, although, reasonably, she sometimes longs for the day when she was the only princess in the house!  She will always hold a special place in my heart and I long for retirement so I can spend more time visiting her.  At least she and Katie are only 3.5 hours away - not such a long haul.  I sent her this card to let her know how much I miss her, although we do get to do FaceTime every now and then, which makes up for the distance a bit!
Materials:  Mo Manning - Digital Image; SU Embossing Folder; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mo Manning - Georgia - For Susie's Birthday

John's sister Susie (my sister-in-law!) is an extremely musical individual. In fact, many times she chooses to sing her conversations, rather than just speak!   She plays the piano, and generally loves music.  She has recently moved hundreds of miles away to be with her daughter who is a professor at the University where they live.  I think it will make  Susie's life more enjoyable, once she finished settling in and makes some new friends.  This card I think is joyful and I'm sure Susie will like it!
Materials:  Mo Manning - Digital Image - Georgia; CS: SU: DP??: Pearls - Viva Pearl Pen (coloured with Copics);  Colour by Copic

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mo Manning - Bubbles Boy - For Danny

Little Danny is a spitfire!  Full of joy and exuberance - soon to be 5 I can't honestly see him ever settling down, and yet he is the most lovable and cuddly and affectionate little guy you could ever hope for.  He and Nick live 6 hours away so I don't get to see them often, but FaceTime - on which Danny invariably acts like a big goof - let's me see how he's coming along.  Ah, but I do miss those kids!
Materials: Mo Manning - Digital Image - Sizzix Embossing Folder; Spellbinder Die; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mo Manning - Marion - For Katie

Katie, who turned 2 in August is a living doll.  She has these big brown eyes; gorgeous, full brown hair; a huge smile complete with cute little white teeth!  She's smart and learning to talk quite well - she has even toilet trained herself already!  She's going to be a force to reckon with.  In her household there is a cat - Mandy, who is nowhere as chubby as this cat in the image is, but Katie and her big sister Emily love that cat - who is quite tolerant and allows herself to be "loved!".  I miss seeing Katie especially at this age where everything is new and discoverable.  Oh well, I retire in 3 months and will be able to see the kids much more often I hope!
Materials:  Mo Manning - Digital Images - Marion; CS: SU: DP: Prima; Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hallowe'en 2013

Every Hallowe'en I send the kids cards -- and included with my own grandchildren, I also send to Kiera (my next door neighbour's granddaughter and this year at Kiera's request one for Hayley, her little sister; and to my friend Maria's daughter Sophia).  I usually put a toonie into occasion cards.  This year, the $2 coin is in the interior of the card.
For the most part, I have used Mo Manning and Kraftin' Kimmie images; and some Memory Box dies.  I'm posting the series of 7 cards and the interior here, rather than do 7 separate posts!  Call me lazy.

And the interior.  The $2 coin is under the cat!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jojo - for Jenny

My sister Jenny will be 57 this year - and frankly the fact that she's made it this long is reason enough to celebrate.  Jenny, over the past 3 years or so has had a series of medical disasters, 5 strokes; cereberal vasculitis; vasculitis in her lungs; heart problems and likely the underlying cause of everything probably has Lyme Disease.  Despite this all, she remains pretty stoic about it all.  I thought this little Mo Manning clown, Jojo would be just the ticket to raise her spirits.
Materials:  Mo Manning Digital Image - Jojo; Prima Flowers; CS: SU: Spellbinder Die; SU Embossing Folder; Colour by Copic

Monday, October 14, 2013

Danielle with Laptop - Happy Birthday Colette

My friend and colleague Colette spends a lot of time on the computer largely because of the nature of her job.  While I don't think a lot of her computer work is done lounging in a wing-back chair, perhaps this card will give her some ideas for when she's working at home! Regardless, I quite like this image so thought of Colette when I saw it.
Materials:  Mo Manning Digital; Spellbinder Dies; SU/Sizzix Embossing Folder; Colour by Copic

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snorkle Boy - Mo Manning- for Rick's Birthday

My friend and colleague Rick turned 60 this year --- a momentus year on many counts -- he retires this year; turns 60; begins a whole new set to challenges as he learns to fill in his time while his lovely wife is still working. At one point he was thinking of becoming a cleaner because he's a clean-freak/germophobe extraordinaire! I just love Rick, he's funny, smart, conscientious, funny (I know I said that twice, but he's really funny) and caring. He's also a scuba diver, but try as I might, I can never find a scuba diver I like.  When Mo came out with this snorkle boy this year, I bought it instantly because I knew it would be perfect for Rick's card! You might not be able to see it in the picture, but I used some SU Crystal Effects on the goggles - looks pretty neat in real-life!
Materials:  Digital Image Mo Manning; Grass: Memory Box; Fish: Eyelet Outlet; DP: K&Company; CS: SU:  DP: SU: Colour by Copic

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oddly Sweet Curiosities

My daughter Sarah has a friend (fellow teacher) who is going to be starting teaching at a new school this fall so she wanted to send her a little gift.  She'll be giving her a Starbucks gift card - and I'll be the first to agree this card does not scream coffee --- or even gift.  But it does demonstrate friendship so I think that will do the trick!  I absolutely love these Oddly Sweet Curiosities Images which, in the States are available from Susanas Custom Art and Design; elsewhere from Quixotic Paperie.  I used to order from Susana all the time, but postal rules and regulations made it prohibitive for to mail to the States. Now I have to wait for my friend ot go to Florida, order them delivered to her address then sent up to me here!  Government!!
Materials:  SCACD - Oddly Sweet Curiosities - Set #3; Sentiment (Same set); Colour by Copic

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Teacher Thank You - for Sarah

My daughter Sarah is a teacher so knows the kind of things that teachers like.  This year, she plans on giving Emily's (her #1 daughter) teacher a survival kit - which will include some hand wipes; aspirin; markers, and that type of thing.  I made this card so she can print on the blackboard - Survival Kit or something to that effect.  I figured Sarah's printing is likely much neater than mine!
Materials: Digital Image Tracey Malnofski (available from The Stamping Boutique; CP: K&Company; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Handyman Thank You

My friend Barb and her husband recently bought a winter home in Florida and have, for the past couple of years been sprucing it up over the summers.   Their handyman is worth his weight in gold, so Barb likes to give him a special thank you and a card when she returns every October. This year I decided to use some Stampin' Up images I don't often get to use.  I had bought them with my brother-in-law in mind (he does a lot of handy-work) but there are only so many occasions you can send a card for!  I found a blueprint image and printed it out for the background paper to keep with the handyman theme.
Materials:  Stamps:  SU: Sentiment: SU: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Monday, September 30, 2013

High Hopes - Fisherman

My friend Murray is a fisherman and avid outdoor's man, in fact he even built a beautiful house on a lake so he'd have better views and access!  I found as well that when I prepared to do this post that when I don't use a stamp very often I have to go look and see who the manufacturer is of those that I seldom use!  In this case the High Hopes image - which although very nice is one that I don't go to that often. I see by my stamp cupboards that there are a fair amount of stamps that fall into this category - I must force myself to use the zillions of dollars worth of stamps I have moldering away in there!
Materials:  Image: High Hopes Rubber Stamp; Background Weeds (barely visible) Inkadinkado;  Sizzix Embossing Folder; CS: SU: Sentiment: CTMH: Colour by Copic

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Car for Gerry - Ippity

One of my colleagues has a birthday at the end of September, and although he doesn't have a red car; nor has he ever, to my knowledge expressed a desire to have one, I liked this car so decided to make Gerry's card with this stamp.  I also got to use my tire track SU wheel to mark up the background.  Just by itself the card looked a bit bare so I added the two stripes on the side to try and fill it up.  That's sometimes the trouble with stamped images I find - they are kind of small so you have to do lots of stuff on the card front to fill it up!
Materials:  Ippity Rubber Stamp (I think); Sentiment: SU: Tire Tracks: SU: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art Impressions - Golfers

I love these Art Impressions images - from their Golden Oldies collection.  My friend Barb, who had a birthday a couple of days ago, also has an anniversary in September, so this card is for her and Al.  I found a digital picture of a golf ball, so copied it, sized it and cut it out as my background.  The card is 5.25 x 5.25 square and I love square cards!  The grass is a Memory Box die --- I'm really happy with how the whole card turned out and can't wait to send it to them!
Materials:  Art Impressions Rubber Stamps; Sizzix/SU Cloud Embossing Folder; Memory Box grass; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Balloons and Bunny - For Livia

House Mouse designs are beautiful, whimsical and fun.   This little bunny from their Happy Hoppers collection is very sweet.  So, I chose this image for my friend Livia.  Livia just returned to work after a year's maternity leave -- and it must have been hard for her to leave her little guy at home!  I thought this little bunny was sweet and although juvenile, got into the spirit of having a new baby in the house.
Materials:  House Mouse/Happy  Hoppers rubber stamp; Sizzix/SU Cloud embossing template; Sizzix Dies; Sentiment: CTMH: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Art Impressions - Vera - For Barb

My friend Barb is an avid golfer - and this year she turns 64 - over which she is quite depressed!  I think she should be celebrating and revelling in every year that has worked to make her the fabulous woman that she is.  I first met Barb at a golf meeting and rapidly enjoyed her company, her friendship and her golf savvy.  She doesn't look remotely like Vera here, but I think she'll get a laugh out of the card, which is what I'm aiming for -- although if my aim here is anything like my aim on the golf course, I'll be way off target!
Materials:  Art Impressions Rubber Stamp; Sizzix Embossing Folder/SU: Sizzix Dies; Sentiment: CTMH: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, September 20, 2013

Stampscapes - Cabin by the Lake

This card is for one of my colleagues, Nicki, who is an outdoorsy woman, who loves camping, fishing, snowmobiling, and possibly hunting!  Whenever I think of her, I think of the woods and camping, hence this Stampscapes image.  I also decided to use the wood-effect Sizzix embossing folder to maintain an outdoorsy look.  The card looked a bit bare to me so I added the picture corners.  Doing the reflection in the water was a bit easier this time - I think I'm improving!
Materials:  Stampscapes Rubber Stamp; Sizzix Die and  Embossing Folder which is Sizzix/SU: CS: SU; Sentiment: CTMH; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elizabeth Bell - Peekers - For Jill

Usually when I sit down to do my cards, I do a series - like all the birthdays I have to do in September for instance - so usually I do about 9 or 10 at a time.  I choose the images I want for each person, either stamp or print them out (this is a stamped image above); colour them then make each card.  And, because I do them in tandem, I seem (it is now evident to me) to maintain the same sort of background and templates for each -- this was obviously the month of embossing folder backgrounds -- looks nice though I think! This card is for my fried and colleague Jill.  She and I have worked together for many years, and she has received a number of cards from me - so again I don't want to duplicate.  Jill is outdoorsy and loves to garden, so this little girl peeking into a bird bath seemed appropriate.
Materials:  Stamp:  Elizabeth Bell - Peekers; Butterflies: MS Punch; Sizzix Embossing Folder and Dies; CS: SU; Colour by Copic

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miles the Mouse - Kraftin' Kimmie

It looks like Kraftin' Kimmie doesn't carry or have these Miles the Mouse stamps anymore - originally created by Steven Leary -- too bad because I love Miles.  In this instance, I've been making my friend Mona cards for a number of years and don't want to duplicate anything - which as I think of it is kind of hard as I appear to seldom duplicate any card - like all the people who get cards are going to get together and accuse me of lack of imagination!  Regardless, I really like this little Miles one -- we've all (or I console myself by thinking everybody has) consumed a little too much birthday cake in our lives. This little Miles has definitely had his fill!
Materials:  Stamp:  Kraftin' Kimmie; Flowers by Prima; Embossing Folder:  Sizzix/SU: Sentiment: CTMH: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sorry Shanna - Mo Manning

As you can see, I really, really love Mo Manning's images.  I think it safe to say that for most occasions, I can find a Mo Manning image that shows what I want to demonstrate, or says what I want to say, graphically.  This little girl looks so sad -- and that is what I wanted the recipient to know, that I was sad she was leaving our ministry (government not religious) but happy that she was going to another.  This young woman has CF - a terrible lung disease, yet she soldiers on.  Her sister has already died from it, and one of her brothers also has the disease.  She is quite the inspiration - plus she's very nice, talented and generally great to know.  I hope she does well. And, I hope she liked the card!!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; CS: SU: Sizzix embossing folder; Sizzix Dies; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baby Fairy Butterfly - Mo Manning

My little granddaughter Katie just turned 2 and she looks a lot like this little fairy - minus the wings of course!  In fact, her mother says she's quite a little devil, so perhaps horns would have been better!  Regardless, I love this image so thought it would be perfect for the little princess.  And, as usual with children's cards, I hid a toonie under the circle/butterfly.  When Katie opened it she immediately looked for the money. Doesn't take long!
Materials:  Digital Image: Mo Manning; Butterflies: Martha Stewart Punch; Sentiment: CTMH: Sizzix Dies; Colour by Copic

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ragged Romeo - Mo Manning

My eldest daughter and her husband have now been married for an incredible 12 years!  Where has the time gone.  They are a great couple, and I think they are quite well matched. They've also produced a couple of beautiful daughters for whom I am extremely grateful! This Mo Manning image is quite romantic I think and sweet so I chose it for Sarah and Steve.  I also got them new frying pans - their old pans were the pits --- I suspect she'll now start leaving things I hate around her place so I'll see them, be disgusted and replace them!
Materials:  Mo Manning digital imate; Corners by SCACD; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gonna Miss You

One of my colleagues and friends is leaving to take on another job for a few months, and if she likes it, will stay with her new employer --- I'm pretty confident she's going to like it!  We, her colleagues left behind decided to send her a card and some flowers -- this is the card I made for all of us to sign - on the inside (!) and send.  I quite like how it turned out!  The girl and suitcases are 2 separate images.  I guess you can perch her on just about anything!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Tiddly Inks; Sentiments:  CTMH: Colour by Copic

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fairy Princess - Mo Manning

My next door neighbour's granddaughter Kiera is a lovely little girl - who usually comes to visit and do crafts with me when she's visiting.  We have both agreed (Kiera and I) that it's nice to sit with a friend and see each other's work and say it looks beautiful!  She is a chatty little thing and a joy to be around.  So, every year for Keira's birthday I send her a card.  This year Kiera is 6! She loves rainbows and fairies, so this year a fairy is what she got.  The toonie is hidden under the flowers.
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; Sizzix Die and Embossing Folder; CS: SU: Flowers by Prima; Glitter: MS: Colour by Copic

Friday, August 30, 2013

Worth Their Weight in Gold

This image is by Art Impressions, and the card I saw this on says:  Girlfriends  Worth Their Weight in Gold.  This card is for a friend of mine and she's worth her weight in gold --- We both struggle a little with maintaining a healthy weight - but as women of power and influence, we need a little bulk behind (and in front) of us to make it believable!  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it).  I hope she isn't offended by the card, but I just love the image and the thought behind it!
Materials:  Stamp:  Art Impressions; CS: SU: CP: CTMH: Border Die: SU: Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mo Manning - Baby Fairy Butterfly

This card is for one of my colleagues - who is a very spunky woman - yet kind of delicate in a way.  I bought this image and this is the first time I've used it --- I just love the expression on her little face - kind of reminds me of my youngest granddaughter actually -- I selected the colours based pretty closely on the colours Mo used in one of the images I saw.  She's so darn cute!
Materials:  Digital Stamp:  Mo Manning; CS: Bazzil; DP: Prima; Flowers: Prima; Leaves: SU: Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kisses for My Sweet - Mo Manning

My sister Debby and her husband Jim have been married for 12 years this year.  Hard to believe - it seems like yesterday.  This is the 2nd marriage for both of them and they are perfectly suited, which I think happens more often when you are a little older when you select a life-partner - you know a little more what you're looking for.  Not that her first husband wasn't a nice guy - he is - but I think Jim understands Debby a bit better.  They are still very much in love which is nice to see.
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; CS: SU: Sizzix Embossing Folder; Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dillman Fairy - Happy Birthday Megan

My youngest daughter Megan turned 34 this year --- how did that happen I wonder?  And, I'm still carrying a little of my baby fat - strange!  Megan is a brilliant, lovely young woman.  A daughter of whom I am very, very proud.  She is a mother, a chartered accountant, she maintains her own household and is responsible and caring.  Everything a mother can hope her child will  become --- I hope she will also be happy some day, but time will tell.  Megan is a kind of an ethereal looking young woman so I thought this Dillman fairy kind of represented her. 
Materials:  Stamp:  Meredith Dillman; DP: Prima; Corner Dies; SCACD; Colour by Copic

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary Husband Mine

What can I say about my dearest John - my husband of 31 years --- how the time has flown and how wonderful these past 31 years have been.  And to think, I picked him up in a bar!!!!  John is an avid golfer and while I haven't been golfing lately, started golfing because of him.  I figured if I was going to see him during the summer it was likely only on the golf course!  This image is kind of representative of how we've changed in the past 31 years, although John is still a slender and good looking man --- I have become a bit rounder and cuddlier! And, let's not forget -- round is a shape!
Materials:  Stamp: Art Impressions; CS: SU: DP:: DCWV; Grass - Memory Box Die; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mo Manning - Gloria at the Pool

My friend Sandra is a party girl and lives for summer -- actually she lives for her cottage in the Hailburton Highlands - but this picture of Gloria in the pool kind of describes Sandra's attitude about life --- you're here for a good time, not a long time.  That's perhaps one of the things I love about Mo Manning's stamps - the characters are so expressive! Too bad she seems to be plagued by people pirating her images -- it's hard enough in this day and age to make a buck without people stealing from you!  Not to worry, I paid for this image and every other image of hers I use!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; DP: CTMH: CS: SU: Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Art Impressions - Grumpy Old Guy

The man for whom I have made this card is anything but grumpy --- in fact he's quite a happy, caring kind of guy who likely is getting that much more happy as his retirement is on the horizon.  Usually I give Bart a card with a golf theme as he's an avid golfer; he's also an avid motorcycler and curler --- what Bart doesn't seem to do a lot of is lounge around in a lawn chair -- perhaps this card will give him some ideas!
Material:  Stamp:  Art Impressions; CS: SU: DP: CTMH: Spellbinder Dies; Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dillman Fairy

My friend Susan is a very pretty, delicate looking young woman, and this fairy kind of reminded me of her.  She looks forward to my cards and likes bling --- I couldn't really go nuts with bling on this one though as it would have taken away from the delicacy of the image.  The flowers in the left hand corner were an afterthought but I think they finish the card nicely.  I think card is beautiful and a little ethereal -- like all of Meredith Dillman's work.
Materials:  Stamp:  Dillman Fairy; DP: Prima; CS: SU: Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Memory Box - Bella Bouquet - Sympathy Card

I find sympathy cards very difficult to do some days, which is odd since I seem to do quite a few - not only for my own friends, but for my boss to send to bereaved staff.  I guess because I'm sending something to someone experiencing a bad time in their lives - and I want them to receive a little comfort and know that I care --- they are so much more important it seems - although as I write this, it's also important to send a little joy to people who aren't having a bad day either --- oh well!
Materials:  Embossing Folder:  SU/Sizzix; Memory Box Die

Monday, August 12, 2013

Congratulations Sophie -- CTMH Butterfly

A friend of mine recently was awarded an Amethyst Award, which is a very honour and very difficult to get in the Ontario government.  Sophie was awarded with an award for Lifetime Achievement -- something she truly deserves.  So, I sent her a congratulations card - and in retrospect perhaps should have done it in amethyst type colours!  Oh well, hind sight is so clear.
Materials:  Stamp:  CTMH: DP: CTMH: CS: SU: Butterfly die - Memory Box; Colour by Copic; Cloud Template: SU (no longer sold)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get Well --- Mo Manning Big Girl Pants

Bad time of year I guess -- or it's a sign of the times as more and more people are overwhelmed by their lives - don't have time to breathe and regroup.  This card is for someone very special to me and she's in a bit of a bad way, although she's agreed to try some medication so she's on the mend!  She is a beautiful, bright, lovely young woman, who is basing a lot of her happiness on shoulds rather than recognizing how much she has and is.  I hope she comes to realize that.  This card is meant to signify there's a time to cry and a time to move it --- now it's time to move on.
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; Sizzix/SU Embossing Folder: Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Get Well Soon

A very dear friend of mine is currently a little overwhelmed with life -- too much happened in too short a time so she's taken a little time off to regroup, heal and regenerate.  I wish her all the best and not too speedy a recovery, because there's no rush to getting back to work which is one of the big stressors.  I saw a card very similar to this on Pinterest and I loved it and while I know I pinned it, I can't find it to give the appropriate credit to the originator - my apologies.  If you know who did the original, please let me know and I'll more than happily add their info to this post!
Materials:  Stamp and Sentiment: SU: DP: CTMH: CS: Bazzil; Sponged Ink: SU: Colours by Copic.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Guy Golfing - Happy Father's Day John

My husband John has been a fabulous step-father to my two daughters and is now a fabulous grandfather to their children.  He and my ex-husband who is also a great father get along well and never put the girls into a position of having to choose when they were growing up.  In fact, John had told the girls that although he wasn't their father, he was their parent and loved them.  I think both girls appreciate that and love him like a Dad.  So, although John isn't my father, I am grateful for his fatherhood to my daughters and I wanted to make sure he knows that!
Materials:  Digital Image: Mo Manning; DP/CS: SU: Golf Ball Brad - Eyelet Outlet; Colour by Copic

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mo Manning - Yeehaw!

My brother-in-law's favourite saying is "Excellent" --- and with his deep, rich baritone it sounds very impressive when he says it.  When I made the card and hadn't yet put a sentiment on it my husband said --- Excellent! Which was perfect.  I just love this image which is a nice flip-side to Mo Manning's Whoopee.  It kind of says it all doesn't it!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; CS: DP: SU: Colour by Copic

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whoopee! Mo Manning

What's not to love about this image --- and some birthdays, this just about says it all.  My friend Lyse is not yet 50, but I loved this image so much I had to use it for her as she's always fussing that she's getting so old!  As if!!! I had to add some bling to the card because I really like Lyse and all my friends know that I put bling on cards for people I like!  I find the image's eyes rivetting and really draw you in.  I hope Lyse likes it and isn't offended!
Materials:  Digital Image: Mo Manning; CS: DP: SU: Sentiment: SU: Bling: CTMH: Colour by Copic

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby and Bunny - Mo Manning

I use this Mo Manning image a lot for baby congratulations -- it's easy to change up for a boy or a girl, and the bunny is so sweet.  One of my colleagues just became a grandfather for the first time and this card is for my boss to send to him.  It is always a bit challenging to make a card for a man to send to a man --- I can't get too glitzy or frilly, but I also don't want the card to be boring!  I think this was a nice compromise!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning; CS: DP: SU: Spellbinder Oval; Colour by Copic

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Computer Geek -- Happy Birthday Adam

My nephew is a computer game geek -- when he's not working, he's spending his time before his 2-monitors; snazzy sound system; mega-memory computer playing some kind of role-playing games I think.  I'm surprised he's not blind by now but then again, I'm just his old aunt, what do I know?  I love this Mo Manning image, but I've got to say it takes a long time to colour as it is very detailed!  The end result is always so impressive though!
Materials:  Digital Image: Mo Manning; CS:DP: ???: Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Monday, July 22, 2013

Congratulations - Twins!

I can only imagine the hard work and fatigue that having twins involves --- but then again - you do get double the pleasure and joy at two little bundles of love.  One of my colleagues recently had twins and this card was made for my boss to send to her in congratulations.  She had a baby girl and a baby boy -- so unless she decides to keep going and help repopulate the planet, she's all set!
Materials:  Mo Manning; Sizzix Embossing Folder; Colour by Copic