Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Candys

My friend Candys has been traumatized every year on her birthday since she turned 40.  And since's she'll be 52 this year, that's a lot of trauma.  It's kind of surprising really, because she's really quite young and gorgeous looking - people are quite surprised when they find out she's in her 50's.  I don't really understand why people hate getting older -- after all, that's the plan right!?!  In view of her trauma, I thought this little drama queen would be the perfect image for Candys -- hope she sees the humour in it!
Materials:  Image:  Mo Manning Digital; DP: DCWV; Spellbinder Dies; Sparkles by Twinklets; Colour by Copic

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex!

My friend Alexandra is the sweetest, kindest most loving person, possibly in the world -- she think only kind thoughts, is never bitter or jealous, is never anything but perfect!  If I didn't like her so much I'd hate her!  Normally I send Alex cards that celebrate her East Indian heritage, but thought she might be getting bored with that so chose instead one of Lili of the Valley's little fairies.  I just made her brown, because Alex is brown!  I do love these images - they are so dainty looking.  Hope Alex likes it --- but then again, Alex likes everything!
Materials:  Stamp:  Lili of the Valley; Spellbinder Dies; DP: Prima; Colour by Copic

Monday, October 24, 2011

My little Danny's 3!

Looking at this image the first thing I think is that I've really got to work harder at taking straighter pictures so they don't end up cropping on such a goofy angle!  The second thing I think that my sweet little Daniel (my grandson) will be 3 years old on November 1 --- where does the time go?  Danny is a little spitfire -- affectionate, very very cute, and very very very busy!  So, when I was looking for the right image for him this year, I of course relied on Mo Manning as her children especially are usually perfect for the job.  I wasn't disappointed!  As always, I have put a twoonie on the front of the card - it's under the HB!
Materials:  Mo Manning - Digital; DP: Me & My Big Ideas; CS: SU: Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Michelle

October is a ridiculously busy month as far as birthdays, etc. go ...Add in Hallowe'en and I've made about 15 cards this month!  Oh well.  My sister-in-law's (brother's wife) birthday is October 13 (or 14th) I must confess I forget exactly.  I decided I'd make her one this year even though neither she nor my brother have acknowledged my birthday for the past 2 years --- I figure I'll rise above that and make her one anyway.  Plus we're all going out for dinner on the 15th for my Mom's birthday - and if the truth be told, it does allow me to feel slightly superior!  Not exactly a good birthday sentiment, but there you have it!
Materials:  Stamp and Sentiment:  Victoria Case; Spellbinder Dies; DP: DCWV; Glitter by Martha Stewart; Colour by Copic

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

I have always made cards for my grandchildren, and now with my new little one I'm up to 4 grandkids!  And, I send one to my little friend Kiera, grandchild of my friend next door, and I'm also starting to include little Sophia, my friend Maria's little princess.  So, that's six. And, I send my sister Debby one so that makes 7.  Rather than do separate postings for each of the cards, I decided to do them all as one - so there are 7 to scroll through!
Materials:  Stamps: All images by Kraftin' Kimmie; All colour by Copic; All dies by Spellbinder;  DP: - Mostly SU.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nicki's a Gramma - this time it's a girl!

One of the administrative assistants I'm lucky enough to work with recently had a brand new granddaughter born to her daughter!  She already has a grandson who is fabulous, but for a Gramma, a granddaughter is always nice.  I've used this image before and love it, but I must say I like the layout of this one, and the colours better than one I had done previously.  Live and learn I guess!
Materials:  Stamp and Sentiment: S.W.A.L.K.; DP: SU: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Scotty -

It is so gratifying when you find an image that is absolutely perfect for somebody.  Such was the case with this one.  I was browsing through Mo Manning's Digital Pencil site, just looking, when I stumbled across this miner image -- one of the Seven Dwarfs!  Now one of my colleagues is a miner - looking after our mining program, so I new this would be perfect for Scotty.  I was a bit nervous that I'd screw it up somehow, but am quite happy with how it turned out.  I think he'll be quite tickled by it!  I even put some gold lines in the rock as Scotty usually answers his phone with his name followed by the phrase - Timmins the City with a Heart of Gold!
Materials: Image:  Mo Manning - Digital; Background Stamp (Rocks): StampscapesSentiment: SU: DP&CS: Who knows - some old stuff in my mountain of paper; Colour by Copic

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Computer Girl

My friend Susan -- who you have certainly heard about in the past recently commissioned me to do a couple of cards for her -- one (the one here) for her sister Adelle's birthday in October.  Now, creating a card for someone else, based on what they believe you are capable of doing, can be somewhat stressful.  Adelle is a computer-type person who works in the IT industry in California. One would think that would be relatively easy --- NOT!  The image choice was an easy one.  Victoria Case has the perfect one --  The first background I did - and mounted --- I actually hated -- which then sent me into a slump - I couldn't proceed until I solved the problem with the card --- in short, except for the colouring I had to start over.... On my way  home from work one night it came to me --- I'd find a background that was computer related.  I had first wanted to recreate the drizzling binary code like in the movie Matrix, but couldn't find anything suitable.  So, I looked for binary backgrounds, found one I liked and printed it to become the background.  I then got my husband to bring some of those ripped off pieces from forms home and voila!
Materials:  Stamp:  Victoria Case; Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Congratulations Don - It's about time!

One of my colleagues, after doing a job in an acting capacity for the past 2 years, was recently selected as the permanent manager in his district!  And it is about time.  Luckily, he is remarkably calm and patient and didn't seem to mind the wait -- it would have driven me nuts!!  I figured that this little Kraftin' Kimmie image - I think it's Chester; would be the perfect one to send to Don
Materials:  Stamp:  Kraftin' Kimmie; DP: SU: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Monday, October 10, 2011

Adele's Birthday

My daughter Sarah's mother-in-law, Adele (or Nona as the kids call her) celebrates a birthday at the end of October.  I quite like Adele an her husband Brian so routinely send both of them birthday cards.  Although we aren't as close as we used to be, I'm sure it is more a matter of time availability rather than anything else!  Making this card, also gave me the opportunity to use this stamp - finally!
Materials:  Stamp:  Lili of the Valley; Sentiment: Computer generated; Dies -Spellbinder and SU Punches; DP: SU: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Get Well Percy!

One of my dear friend's husband has been quite ill this past summer and recovery has been long and tedious.  Thankfully he's on the mend but I thought a card might cheer him up as well.  I gotta say that Mo Manning has some pretty spectacular digital stamps -- whenever I need an image to reflect exactly what I want to portray, she appears to have it!  In this case, poor Percy was so dejected and unwell that this little boy just kind of tugged at my heart --- anyway, as I say, he's on the mend now so that's a good thing!
Materials:  Stamp:   Mo Manning (Digital); DP: CTMH: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jenny's Birthday

My sister Jenny has had a terrible year this year -- multiple strokes; seizures and the like.  Despite it all, she's doing surprisingly well and her attitude on the whole is pretty good.  I wanted to make her a pretty card and what better than this Sugar Nellie image.  I like the greens too so that helps!
Materials:  Image:  Sugar Nellie; DP: Martha Stewart; Flowers by Prima; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mom's Birthday

October 15 is my Mom's 78th birthday.  Luckily, she's pretty hale and hearty, so I anticipate she'll be around for quite a while longer.  This pretty little Elizabeth Bell stamp of a girl opening her present is reminiscent of my Mom because she loves to get presents.  Who doesn't?
Materials:  Stamp:  Elizabeth Bell - Peekers 2; DP: K&Company; CS: SU: Spellbinder die; Ribbon and Flowers from my stash; Colour by Copic

I'm entering this card into the following challenge(s):  Dutch Dare Challenge
                                                                               Copic Creations Challenge

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Susie's Birthday

My sister-in-law, who was recently diagnosed and is now being treated for breast cancer, celebrates her 67th birthday this October.  She is doing well I'm happy to report.  I am under the impression that Susie likes Asian things, hence the Asian girl by Kraftin' Kimmie.  I hope she likes it.
Materials:  Stamp:  Kraftin' Kimmie; DP: DCVW: Flowers by Prima; Colour by Copic