Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thomas Kincaid - Sympathy Card

I must confess that I was about to give all of my Thomas Kincaid stamps away because of my inability to do a decent colouring job on them.  My god but they are hard to colour!  Then Stampin' Up came out with their new ink pads which do a fabulous job of inking up a stamp so I thought - what the heck - I'll try it.  I am very pleased with how this one turned out so I think I'll keep the stamps and just ink them as a solid colour!
Materials:  Image: Thomas Kincaid; CS: SU: Embossing Folder: SU: Hinge Die: SCACD

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Congratulations Christina - New Baby on the way

One of the young women I have had the opportunity to work with on a committee recently was successful in getting a new job - a permanent full-time job which is great, but it did mean that she left the ministry (not religious - government) --but the even better news for her is that she's expecting her first child later this spring.  Rather than send a congratulations on your new job - I decided to congratulate her on the really important news - the new arrival!  I wish her all the best in both activities!
Materials:  Digital Image: Mo Manning; DP: K&Company; CS: SU: Memory Box Flower Die; Colour by Copic

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Congratulations Ana - Baby Girl

One of my colleagues in the Sault recently had her first baby - a little girl.  Ana is one of those perky young women who, at nine-months pregnant looked like she'd swallowed a grape - unlike the rest of us who are moving into an orka-medium toward the end!  She'll now be off for a year enjoying her little one.  I love this Mo Manning image and use it quite frequently.  What is new is that I've started embossing a bunch of backgrounds.  As I become more and more addicted to Pinterest and see what other people are producing I am being influenced by their styles - which is a good thing I think.
Materials:  Digital Image by Mo Manning; Embossing Folder - Swiss Dots by SU: Colour by Copic; Sentiment - possibly by SU?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Congratulations Cindy!

A friend of mine recently got quite a great promotion at work -- one she wasn't really thinking she'd get (although everyone who knows her knew she'd get it!) -- she is a wonderful person and I think really will excel at her new position.  So, I figured I'd send her virtual flowers and my usual go-to images are of course Mo Manning.  I also tried to snazz the card up a bit with that lovely decorative corner from SCACD and a bit of bling.  I heard back from Cindy after she got the card and she liked it -- so that was a good thing!
Materials:  Mo's Digital Pencil; DP: Prima Fairy Flora; Spellbinder Dies; Susana Custom Art and Card Design Corner Die; Colour by Copic

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 40th Steve

Our son-in-law turns 40 on the 15th of January -- hard to believe!  Likely even harder for him to believe.  He is a wonderful man -- who dearly loves our daughter and his daughters.  He spoils them rotten, but there's no doubt he loves his children.  He has many quirks and mannerisms which I refer to as "Steve-isms" -- they are enough to drive you nuts - but my husband seems to think they are hilarious and adopts them from time to time --- gives me a taste of what my daughter must be going through - regularly!  Regardless, we dearly love Steve and are happy he is a member of our family.  Happy 40th!
Materials:  Digital Image:  MO Manning; DP: Computer Generated; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shovelling Miles - A Thank You

Every now and then (and fortunately more often than not) people do things that just make you revel in people's kindness.  A couple of weeks ago my husband had the 'flu - nasty business -- and as luck would have it we were hit by a very large snowfall while he was laid up.  Now, those of you who know me know that I tend to be a wee bit lazy and out-of-shape, so shovelling is not really my thing - nor will it become.  Regardless, I had to get the vehicle into the driveway and a path shovelled to the back door.  I tried my neighbour's son, but wasn't sure if he'd do it or not, so out I bravelly went, with the snow float and started -- the plow had been by so the bank at the head of the driveway was at least 3.5 feel deep of compacted snow --- big and heavy!  I took a few shovel fulls then noticed a guy down the street with a little ATV and a plow attached!  I walked up the street and asked him how much he'd charge me to do my driveway --- he said he'd be over shortly --- 10 minutes later there he was -- and he did the whole driveway.  Some other guy (still don't know who he was) operating a front-end loader came and scooped and removed some of the snow for us while the job was going on.  It was fabulous.  I only had to shovel out one of our vehicles and the back walk -- and I've lived to tell the tale.

Regardless, the guy who did the driveway said -- no charge -- Merry Christmas!  I naturally hugged him and told him that I loved him --- (come to think of it I haven't seen him lately -- I wonder if I made him nervous?) Anyway, as a card maker I figured the least I could do was make him a card, and this Kraftin' Kimmie Miles the Mouse with a shovel was perfect.  I have yet to bring it over to my hero - along with a bottle of rum.  I hope he likes both!

Materials:  Kraftin' Kimmie - Miles the Mouse; Memory Box Die; Sentiment: SU: CS: SU: DP: ??; Spellbinder Circles; Colour by Copic

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Checking FB

My friend Candys is one cool woman- president and CEO of an organization; fabulous dresser and cook; great mother and wife and even better friend I think.  And, she's gorgeous --- kind of ticks me off --- I appear to have some very good looking friends and in retrospect should have chosen some less than desirable women so I would look better by comparison --- oh well!  Candys is also a techno-geek - loves her electronic gadgets and while her latest toy is her iPad, she does still plink away on her laptop from time to time.  I thought this image really represented her.  And because she's a dear friend - she got flowers and bling!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Mo Manning - Checking FB; DP & CS: SU: Bling: CTMH: Spellbinder Die; Flowers by Prima and Colour by Copic