Friday, September 30, 2011

Susan's Friend's Wedding

Ah, what would I do without Susan?  This is a card she commissioned for the wedding of a friend recently.  The bride's colours were grape and silver.  Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a slump, stuck on another card when Susan commissioned this one so I don't think it's as nice as it could have been had I not felt panicky!  Luckily, Mo Manning's Digital Pencil store had this fabulous bride and groom image which I think worked quite nicely.  And amazingly, the "outside the box" method of having stuff stick out of your spellbinder die actually worked this time!  All in all, the card is fine, I guess!
Materials:  Stamp:  Mo Manning - digital; CS: Bazzil; Silver: SU: Spellbinder Dies; Flowers from stash; Sizzlet swirls; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Congratulations on your new job

My daughter Sarah has a friend who recently, after a number of years trying, secured a full-time job as a teacher.  She wanted a congratulations card and I said I'd make her one.  My thought was to find an image of a teacher at a blackboard or something --- Since I'm the worst searcher in the world, I did not find one --- what to do??? So, since I didn't really know this person or her interests, and I was thinking of children, this new stamp I got -- the old shoe house (There was an old woman who lived in a shoe - she had so many children she didn't know what to do) --- so since classrooms are filled with kids you likely don't always know what to do with I thought this might be suitable.  I do quite like it!
Materials:  Stamp: Make it Crafty; DP: K&Company; Spellbinder Dies; Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic - Flowers from a stash my sister Jenny gave me!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sympathy Card - Man

I decided that since Sympathy cards were so hard to do usually, and since I usually don't post them because I feel I may be struck by lightening (!) I have been avoiding posting them.  But I thought this morning I should post them and label them so when I'm in a slump - which I have been in lately -I can always look back and re-use some old ideas.  This particular card is for a man at work - I'm selling the card to my boss to send to him - a not very lucrative undertaking on my part, but there you have it.
Materials:  Stamp:  Heartfelt Creations; Sentiment: Kraftin' Kimmie; DP: SU: CS: SU: Ribbon: SU: Colour by Copic

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Courtney's Wedding

One of my colleagues in Hamilton recently married her sweetheart! I've been a tad busy of late, so was unable to get the card done beforehand, but I think I'm only a couple of weeks late, so that should do.  I chose a Magnolia image for the card, even though my husband says they're creepy and look like brother and sister!  Oh well - I like them.
Materials:  Stamp:  Magnolia; DP: SU: CS: Bazzil; Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

Friday, September 16, 2011

Colette's Birthday

Well, another colleague at work's birthday. I have worked with Colette for a number of years and enjoy making cards for her.  This year I decided to just do an image I liked.  Usually I try and find one that has some relevance to the recipient, but in this case, other than the hair colour, there is no specific thing that screams Colette.  I might be in a slump -- time will tell.  Regardless, I'm happy with how this turned out!
Materials:  Stamp:  Carmen Medlin from SCACD; DP: K&Company: CS: SU: Flowers by Prima; Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Rick

One of my friends and colleagues is an avid scuba diver -- plans his vacations around diving expeditions, the whole ball of wax.  I have always sent him diving-themed cards, and hoped I could find a scuba diver again this year --- not being able to, this came in pretty handy.  Mo Manning's boy in the pool with a mask on sort of reminds of me of Rick off-season!
Materials: Image:  Mo Manning Digital Designs; DP: CTMH: Brad: Eyelet Outlet; Colour by Copic

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Darcy's Birthday

One of the guys I work with loves spending time at his cottage with his wife and I'm extrapolating that he likes things outdoorsy and rural - hence my selection of this image.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet, so this was a good opportunity.  It was much easier to colour than I originally thought. After I had glued everything on I realized it still needed a little something - like brads.  I wasn't about to punch through everything and leave ugly clips on the inside of the card, so I snipped off the clips and used glue dots for the top part of the brad.  Thank heavens that worked!  I was a bit worried it would be like those Thomas Kincade images which are really hard to colour!  All's well that ends well though.
Materials:  Heartfelt Images - Summer; DP: SU: CS: SU: Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Gerry

Another gentleman at work who I quite like -- the image really has nothing to do with Gerry except in the broadest sense -- Gerry likes to keep fit, exercise and does lots of sports.  Usually I do a motorcycle card for him since he also motorcycles, but I was getting tired of doing those.  This little image is so darn cute I have been dying to use it, so Gerry gets it!
Materirals:  Stamp:  Lili of the Valley - OOPS; DP: CTMH: Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You Jan

One of the committees I am on at work I actually enjoy - that is our Workplace Wellness committee which now encompasses the entire Ministry.  I consider it a perk and am happy to be able to participate.  One of our team members got a job in another Ministry so I volunteered to make her a card that each of us will sign at our next meeting and send it to her.  It is a very pretty image, so I'm sure she'll like it!
Materials:  Digi Doodles digital image; Spellbinder Dies; CS: SU: DP: K&Company; Sentiment: SU: Flowers by Prima and Colour by Copic

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank You Vicki

I am extremely fortunate in the people I work with.  Vicki for instance  has been my back-up; and back-up to the 4 other AA's for the entire month of August.  For me she will have been my back-up for 5 weeks while I've been on vacation - this in addition to doing her own very busy job as well.  She is a saint!  So, I couldn't let her good deed go unrewarded.  Hence the card and a gift certificate to Tim Horton's.  Doesn't quite make up for her  efforts, but short of giving her a kidney, it will have to do!
Materials:  Magnolia - Spanish Tilda; Sentiment: SU: DP: K&Company; Flowers by Prima and Petaloo; Spellbinders Dies and Colour by Copic