Sunday, April 13, 2014

Get Well Uncle Lloyd

My poor Uncle Lloyd has had some health problems over the years, the most recent appears to be bladder cancer, the same disease that took my Dad, his older brother.  Hopefully it's not going to be too aggressive, but he apparently is in a great deal of discomfort.  While I don't see him that often, and that is my fault because I'm lazy, I do think of him and hope he's doing well.  I figured I'd send him a get well card so he'll know I care.
Unfortunately, I have no idea who this digital image is by, so if someone out there does know, please comment and I'll be happy to modify this post and give the artist credit.  I am finding with images that I use infrequently, from artists I use even less frequently, when the time comes to give them credit I can't figure out who drew it.  I even hopefully looked at the image's properties for a clue, but alas nothing.  Suffice to say I think it's really cute, whoever did it!
Materials:  Digital Image by Somebody!; CS: SU: Embossing Folder: Tim Holtz; Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Art Impressions - Happy Birthday Lindsay

My niece Lindsay's birthday is February 7, shared with Charles Dickens, although I don't think Chas has much over Lin!  Lindsay is a professor at Niagara College, and has done extremely well in her life.  She is now involved with a very nice young man, who we all hope becomes a permanent fixture in Lin's life.  Lindsay works long and hard, so I'm sure she enjoyed a welcome respite on her birthday.  Lovely young woman!
Materials:  Rubber Stamp:  Art Impressions (Gigi & Monique); CS: SU: Sentiment - typed it myself!; Bling: CTMH: Colour by Copic

Monday, March 31, 2014

LOTV Karate Kid - Happy Birthday Nicholas #9

My darling grandson Nicholas, turned 9 on March 3.  I cannot believe he's already 9!! And what a wonderful young man he is becoming.  He is kind, thoughtful, nurturing, extremely talented artist and is absolutely incredible in math - he can add and subtract into the thousands - in his head!  Much as I'd like to take credit for that, I suspect other genes in play with that skill -- likely his mom!  Nick is involved in Tae-kwon-do (?SP?) and recently received his second yellow stripe.  I thought that would be a good starting point for his birthday card!
Materials:  Rubber Stamp: Lili of the Valley; CS: SU: DP: DCWV Far East Stack; Sentiment: SU: Spellbinder Circles; Colour by Copic

Friday, March 21, 2014

JustINKlined - Happy Birthday John

Although my husband John seldom has too much to drink, and never as much as in this picture, I thought it would make him laugh.  We have found as we've aged that drinking a lot just isn't worth the recovery!  John will be 59 this year, finally catching up to me.  When my eldest daughter was younger she asked how old John was and when she discovered he was a couple of months younger said .. "well, I guess SOME women have husbands younger than they are"!  I pointed out he was a mere 2 months younger, not like I had robbed the cradle.  I don't think she cared. As the years have gone by, I am ever thankful that John is my partner in life, even though I feel like popping him every now and then!
Materials:  Digital Image: JustINKlined; DP: SU: CS: SU: Sentiment: Mo Manning; Colour by Copic

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Mo Manning &

Rather than do these 2 separately, I figured I'd just post them together.  As you know, I routinely make cards for 7 kids (4 of my own and 3 little friends).  6 of the kids are brothers or sisters so I can't send them the same card as their sibling so I usually make 2 separate cards and send them out.  The $2 is under the shamrock.  I used images from 2 artists -- the leprechaun leaping over the pot of gold is Mo Manning; the other is La La Land Crafts from whom I also got the sentiment.
Embossing Folder was Sizzix; Colour by Copic

Mo Manning - Introducing Oscar - Happy Birthday Glen

My friend Glen is one of the funniest people I have ever known, so I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy this Oscar image, and since I honestly can't remember if he is 53 or 54 this year, the question mark is more than apt.  I decided I'd also give Oscar a pink shirt and grey pants, and use a wild pinky background.  I'm pretty sure as well that Glen is not homophobic so won't mind the pink!
Materials: Digital Image:  Mo Manning; CS: SU: Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bugaboo - Stella - Happy Birthday Carol

My friend Carol and my husband John share a birthday, so I never have trouble remembering Carol's birthday.  I just love these Stella images -- they are so expressive.  The sentiment on this one is called the Perfect Man, which didn't quite fit with a birthday image, but I thought the disgruntled look on her face and the toast pose might just work.  Besides, I just like it, and this was my first opportunity to use it!!
Materials:  Digital Image: Bugaboo Stamps; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

JustINKlined - Football Crazy - Happy Birthday Peter

My friend, and former boss Peter is soccer crazy.  He played in his youth, and continues to be very active in promoting the game in his city of Thunder Bay.  His children (adults now) also still play, coach and referee.  When I saw this image I thought it would be perfect for Peter.  Selecting colours for the shoes was a bit challenging as I'm a little out of the soccer loop and was frankly too lazy to find pictures of any on the internet to copy from!  It continues to amaze me that I continue to post my cards when nobody every comments.  I hope somebody's looking!  If not, at least it's a good record for me, especially when my memory deserts me!
Materials: Digital Image:  JustINKlined; DP: K&Company(?); CS: SU: Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, March 8, 2014

JustINKlined - Happy Birthday Pete

I've got to say that stumbling across the JustINKlined website a year or so ago was a godsend, and finding their CD for a mere $5.00 was even better.  I'm still not familiar with all the images on the CD, but I do find some spectacularly appropriate ones every now and then.  Like this one for my friend Pete - an avid fisherman.  My friend isn't quite as "folically-challenged" as this guy, but the fish is the ticket here.   And I must say it is ridiculously hard to colour fish!  I'm going to have to take a course or something just on wildlife.  People are easy, every other species on the planet, not so much!
Materials:  Digital Image by JustINKlined; DP: K&Company; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mo Manning - Eileen - Happy Birthday Lynda

My friend Lynda is living the life of Riley -- retired for a couple of years now she spends one half the year on Manitoulin Island; the other half in Florida.  She and her husband have a great time.  And, while it is freezing cold here in Ontario, it is likely nice and warm in Lynda's part of Florida so I figured a gardener with a potted plant might just work.  I also love the image, so that worked for me at least!
Materials:  Digital Image by Mo Manning; DP: K&Company; Flowers by Prima; Brad: SU: Bling: CTMH: Colour by Copic

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Art Impressions - Celeste - Happy Birthday Nicole

My friend Nicole is a talented artist, a great friend, and a very deep and spiritual woman who is always seeking to improve herself and to achieve peace and happiness.  She had a bit of a rough year last year but I'm happy that she's on the mend.  Now that I've retired, I'm going to try and make a concerted effort to see her more often.  I enjoy her company so it's not going to be a hardship.  When I first started noticing these Art Impressions images, I fell in love with them.  The only thing I wish is that they were available digitally, but, rubber works too!
Materials:  Rubber Image:  Art Impressions; Sentiment: Art Impressions; Background Embossing Folder:  Sizzix; Colour by Copic

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mo Manning - Yeehaw -- Happy Birthday Steve

My son-in-law Steve turns 41 this year, and I don't think he's all that happy to be aging.  He and my daughter have two young daughters, 7 and 2 so he keeps pretty busy!  Because he is still suffering from parent of young children fatigue syndrome, I thought this sad, old, beaten looking guy was perfect for him.  He probably doesn't believe it when we tell him that things will get better, but it will!
Materials:  Digital image by: Mo Manning; Embossed background folder: Cuttlebug; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mo Manning - Happy Birthday Gaston

My friend and cousin Gaston's birthday was January 3 --- and here it is, much passed January 3 and I'm finally sending him his birthday card.  Oh well. Although I have retired, it appears that I have a bit of a backlog I have to wade through before I get back on track. At least I can do so now without worrying about work!  But, this is about Gaston, not me .... Gaston is a world traveller in his spare time, always looking for his next adventure.  Last year he and his wife went on a 21-day trip through China!  This year he's thinking of Scotland, which I highly recommended, having loved it myself.  I thought this Mo Manning image was perfect for him!
Materials:  Digital Image by: Mo Manning, CS: SU; Antique Map Background Stamp: Colour by Copic

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mo Manning - What to Draw - For Emily

My granddaughter Emily and I are pals.  We spent a lot of time together over Christmas both at her home and at mine.  It is a real pleasure to spend time with her as she is a lovely little girl.  The other night I got a FaceTime call from her, she was crying because she missed me.  It broke my heart.  I told her I loved her and missed her too and would make and send her a card.  I asked her if she wanted money on the front and if that would make her feel better --- she said yes!  So, money she got.  I decided to do a pocket card so I could include a couple of little tags on which I wrote what I love about her. She loved the card! She called my sobbing saying she loved it; and her favourite one of the reasons I loved her was "because you are you!"  I do wish I had nicer printing though. In retrospect, perhaps I should have printed them out instead!
Materials:  Digital Image by: Mo Manning; Butterfly: MS: CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Papercraft Magazine - Digital Image - Happy Retirement Juha

My colleague Juha retired at the end of October, after a long career with the Ministry (government) as well.  He is a rough, gruff kind of guy who has a tremendous soft spot for his daughters and his wife.  He is a grandfather now and will be enjoying the extra time he can spend with his family.  He also recently moved to a new house on the shores of Lake Superior so he'll get in a lot of fishing and golfing time!  I got this image a few years ago from Papercraft Magazine, which occasionally has free digital downloads.  It's the first time I have used it, so I'm glad I got it at the time!
Materials:  Digital Image:  Papercraft Magazine; Brads by Eyelet Outlet; Colour by Copic

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mo Manning - Happy Retirement Bart

My friend and colleague Bart retires at the end of January 2014.  He has about 30 years service, and always gave his all at work.  He has a heart of gold, which he is lucky to still have because he gave a bit too much of himself at work and had a few heart problems a couple of years ago.  I'm relieved that he has made it to retirement so now he can ride his motorcycle; golf; and generally enjoy life -- something we all deserve after a long career.  In typical Bart fashion, he did not want a gift, instead wanting a donation made in his name to Threads of Life, an organization that assists families of those killed in workplace accidents.  I was happy to arrange that for him.  As usual, I drew on Mo Manning for the image I wanted for Bart's card.
Materials:  Digital Image by Mo Manning; Golf Ball Brad - Eyelet Outlet; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mo Manning --- Retirement - My friend Rick

October, November, December of 2013 and January of 2014 saw a lot of retirements at work, mine being one of them.  I did not, for obvious reasons though, make my own retirement card!  I did get a fabulous painting done by one of my friends though, which I'll post in a few days.  However, this post is about retirement cards.  I'm starting with my friend Rick's.  Rick was a fabulous manager, and an even better friend.  I could always count on him to make me laugh, and I really miss him.  Rick is very active - and loves to scuba dive.  I had always hoped that Mo would come up with a Scuba Diver, but a snorkeler was as close as I could get.  So that's what I picked.  Rick loved it.  In addition, as a give we got him a personalized bobblehead of himself, in diving gear.  It was the perfect gift for someone with a great sense of humour and who has pretty  much everything. Not all that visible on the picture is the glass-like covering on the goggles which I did with SU's Crystal Effects
Materials:  Digital Image by: Mo Manning; CS: SU: Swirls by SU: Fish by Eyelet Outlet; Colour by Copic

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas Cards Kids - JustINKlined

Of the 7 cards I made for the kids this year, 4 were Mo Manning images (posted a couple of days ago) and the other 3 were JustINKlined -- which have tons of beautiful images I have found.  These are the last 3 I made for Christmas 2013.  I'm hoping I can get an earlier handle on making Christmas cards this year so I don't end up hating every recipient as I rush to complete them!  Now that I'm retired, I'll have no legitimate excuse to goof off!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Christmas - Cards for the Kids - Mo Manning Images

I have 7 kids that I make cards for now - for various occasions, Christmas obviously being one of them. This year I didn't put money on the front, wondering what kind of reaction I would get.  Only one negative one, my 5 year old grandson who asked where the money was.  His older brother (8) told him he'd be getting presents, so he didn't need money too!  There is hope.  Here are the cards I made using Mo Manning Digital Images.  All were coloured with Copic Markers.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas 2013 - An assortment

Rather than post each of these cards individually, I'm going to do Christmas in 2 batches.  This is the batch I sent to family and adults.  Because I was a bit pressed for time last Christmas I tried to simplify my life by making quick and easy to duplicate cards.  The snowman one --- the one with the dots and dashes is one I lifted directly from Pinterest.  Unfortunately, I don't know who the artist was, just that it was posted on tickledpickle.  I modified it slightly for some cards by adding the hats, but that's about it.  The other snowman is an embossing folder by Sizzix and the stamp is by SU: The ornament is a Memory Box die.   And that's about it.  I sent out 45 of these.  I might start cutting back as I don't appear to be getting 45 coming in, but I must remember the spirit of the season is to give, not to receive!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

JustINKlined - Poetry Books -- Happy Birthday Jane

I found out to my horror this past year that my niece Jane's birthday is December 18 --- the horror part is that for years (30 or so) I have thought it was December 16!  Damn Facebook!!  Anyway, Jane is a professor of philosophy and I thought she likely does a lot of reading so when I say this stack of books I figured it would be perfect for her. Coupled with the background paper which I've had for years, I think it turned out pretty well!
Materials:  Digital Image:  JustINKlined; CS: SU: DP: SU: Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Art Impressions - Asleep on the Job - Happy Birthday Margaret

My friend Margaret is cursed with the inability to say "NO", consequently she ends up with way more work than she should.  To make it even worse, Margaret is extremely good at her job so she is naturally a "go-to" person in her office.  She produces, produces, produces.  A dream employee for sure, if you don't care that your staff are working themselves to death!  Margaret deserves every good thing that happens to her.  I hoped that by sending her this image for her birthday she'd take heart!
Materials:  Rubber Stamp:  Art Impressions: Spellbinder Die Circle; CS: SU: Colour by Copic

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Art Impressions - Lazy Boy - Happy Birthday Scotty

My friend Scotty is not lazy, but I'm sure he does spend a little time lounging about, eating chips, and anything else in his vicinity.  He is a prodigious eater, claiming he has his buffet price down to 60 cents a plate -- if anybody should be profoundly overweight, surprisingly he's not.  He does have a bit of a belly happening, but on the whole, he's pretty lucky!  His birthday is in November, and again, while I did send the card on time, I didn't post it here on time!
Materials:  Rubber Stamp:  Art Impressions; Spellbinder Die; Cardstock: SU: 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art Impressions - Golden Oldies - Betty

My friend Maria turned the big 40 this year!!!  I thought this image of an older woman (symbolizing me) belting out Happy Birthday was appropriate!  I found some Happy Birthday sheet music and printed it out as the background paper; coloured and mounted the image and away I went!  I quite like it.
Materials:  Rubber Stamp by: Art Impressions; Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Sunday, January 26, 2014

JustINKlined - Men - Happy Birthday Sam

This is another of the JustINKlined images from their Best of 2012 CD.  A lot of really good stuff on there.  This image is for my nephew, who, while he doesn't wear slippers, often bears a striking resemblance to this image!  In all fairness he does have a very stressful job, but he does also enjoy his relaxation!  Sam's birthday is at the beginning of December, so I am catching up slowly in posting these images.  Soon I'll be all caught up and can begin to enjoy my retirement with no cloud over me!
Materials:  Digital Image by: JustINKlined; Spellbinder Die; CS: SU: Colour by Copic -- Sentiment found on Art Impressions site but typed by me.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

JustINKlined - Garden Bench

Well, I remembered the other problem with waiting to post my cards.  Somes, with infrequently used (or first time use in this case) images, I can't remember who drew them!  I strongly suspect this is a JustINKlined image, and I'm hoping that if it is not, somebody will correct me.  I guess I could go through the CD, but right now I'm feeling kind of lazy.  I had a lot of trouble with this card - getting the background right.  I can't even remember the number of times I resprayed the background.  By the end of it, I wasn't even sure I liked the card anymore, but the recipient, bless her, seemed pleased!
Materials:  Digital Stamp by: JustINKlined (maybe); CS: SU: DP: Prima; Spellbinder Die; Colour by Copic

Monday, January 20, 2014

JustINKlined - Woman

My friend Alexandra is such a lady that I thought this lady in a spectacular hat would be perfect for her. I also wondered if I'd even be able to colour this image, it seemed so intricate and difficult.  Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard.  I must say that I don't use JustINKlined images very often, but I bought their The Best of JustINKlined 2012 CD late last year and they have tons of really nice images, the above being one of them.  I'm quite happy with it!
Materials:  Digital Image by JustINKlined; Spellbinder Die; CS: SU: Sentiment: SU: Colour by Copic

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mo Manning - Birthday Fairy Lee

Apparently, there are a couple of drawbacks in delaying posting images on one's blog.  Two that come to mind are -- I have forgotten who I made this card for; and, I can't remember the other one!  Regardless, I think this card turned out pretty well, and whoever got it was likely happy with it!  Not like they can tell me because I'm pretty sure none of my friends look at my blog --- oh well!  I hope somebody is looking, but if not, at least I have a good catalogue of the cards I've done!
Materials:  Digital Image by Mo Manning; CS: SU: Embossing Folde: SU: Colour by Copic - sparkles are Copic Spica.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mo Manning - Whoopee - Happy Birthday Candys

My friend Candys is a gorgeous woman and turned 54 this year.  I'm sure she thinks she's losing the battle with age and wrinkles --- I say - who cares, she's still gorgeous and let's face it, we're supposed to age. Nothing worse than people, and women are the worst for this, trying to look like they are 35 when they are 55!  I'm starting my own crusade against ageism --- I'm 59 and proud of it! I've worked hard to get here. But enough about me!
Materials:  Digital Image by Mo Manning; CS: SU: Embossing Folder: SU: Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic. Pearls made using a Viva Pearl Pen, then colouring with Copic Marker.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Giddy-Up - Mo Manning - For my Danny

My sweet little Daniel turned 5 on November 1 and while I did send him his card and presents on time, I have been a little delinquent about posting my creations of late.  Regardless, Danny is one "energetic" little fellow - usually with a big smile and always with a loving word --- he will say to me "Gramma, I love you too much!" Ah, warms the cockles of my heart.  As usual, when I send birthday cards, or whatever to the kids, I hide a $2 coin on the front.  In this case it is under the lone tire.

Materials:  Digital Image by: Mo Manning; Background Stamp: SU: Sentiment: SU: Spellbinder Die Circles; Colour by Copic

Friday, January 10, 2014

Carmen Medlin - No Worries - For Darcy

One of my former colleagues, Darcy had a near brush with death earlier last year -- had he not gone to the hospital when he did, an abscess in his large intestine would have ruptured, and he would have died!  Luckily for him and for us, he made it,  the recovery was  long --- by the time he finally returned to work it was  9 months since the incident!  This card is to represent the peace and joy in life that he should be experiencing.  I am quite pleased that SCACD is now offering some digital images as I'm finding as time goes by, I much prefer them as I can at least make them the size I want.  This particular image is a Carmen Medlin one - called No Worries which I purchased on-line from SCACD - which, sadly is my only option as Susana can no longer ship to Canada -- oh well.  Now if she'd just get the Oddly Sweet Curiosities into digital my life would be complete!
Materials:  Digital Image by Carmen Medlin; Embossing Folder by SU: CS: SU: Colour by Copic; Spellbinder Die

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mo Manning - Rosa - For Adele's Birthday

Sarah's mother-in-law, Adele (also my friend) is Italian, and while this little girl is obviously not Italian, more likely Spanish, I figured, close enough --- sorry to all the Italians and Spaniards out there who are likely thinking there's a big difference!  I love the colours of this card - so bright and cheerful - which is how people should feel on their birthdays I believe.  Adele has been experiencing some health challenges of late - knee replacements; heart attack; hernia --- but she's rising about them --- sometimes, it kind of sucks to get older!
Materials:  Mo Manning - Digital - Rosa; CS: SU: DP: ??: Spellbinder Die; Pearl by Viva Pearl Pen; Colour by Copic