Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Nicole

I sometimes find it very difficult to think up card designs/layouts/colours, etc. and then feeling like every card has to be different; and every card has to address something about the recipient's personality just makes it that much more difficult.  This year I'm trimming back on the number of cards I send, and I'm going to start making and using the images I really like and just send them --- say happy birthday on the inside or something!  This card is a direct lift from the Make it Crafty site ---actually I got the whole idea for the card from somewhere  the colours, etc.  I actually lifted the entire design from somebody's image, copying it pretty much the same - different background paper and stuff, but I can't remember/find where I got it --- if th eoriginal artist sees this, please send me a note and I'll give you all the credit!  I tried to do it justice, and by adding the link to Make it Crafty, feel a little better about the theft!  And, it's not like I sold the card --- and I did buy the stamp and have never even lent it to anybody --- god knows I've got enough issues without adding more --- but I digress!
Materials:  Stamp:  Make it Crafty Mushroom House and little sprite; CS: SU; DP: Prima Colour by Copic


Roxy said...

haha, you're funny, Kirsty! This is a beautiful card, love the image and the colours you chose (cased)!

Jenn Joncas said...

It's OK Kirsty!! They will forgive you (if there is anything that needs forgiving) I love the little toadstool house!!! and the colour combo you have used!! I am such a fan of toadstools that I almost missed that cute little Sprite (?) at the bottom, she is sweet!