Thursday, October 13, 2011

Computer Girl

My friend Susan -- who you have certainly heard about in the past recently commissioned me to do a couple of cards for her -- one (the one here) for her sister Adelle's birthday in October.  Now, creating a card for someone else, based on what they believe you are capable of doing, can be somewhat stressful.  Adelle is a computer-type person who works in the IT industry in California. One would think that would be relatively easy --- NOT!  The image choice was an easy one.  Victoria Case has the perfect one --  The first background I did - and mounted --- I actually hated -- which then sent me into a slump - I couldn't proceed until I solved the problem with the card --- in short, except for the colouring I had to start over.... On my way  home from work one night it came to me --- I'd find a background that was computer related.  I had first wanted to recreate the drizzling binary code like in the movie Matrix, but couldn't find anything suitable.  So, I looked for binary backgrounds, found one I liked and printed it to become the background.  I then got my husband to bring some of those ripped off pieces from forms home and voila!
Materials:  Stamp:  Victoria Case; Spellbinder Dies; Colour by Copic

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Jenn Joncas said...

What an amazing idea!!! That background is perfect!! Great card Kirsty!! she'll love it for sure!