Friday, July 27, 2012

Tom and Tilly - Mo Manning

Imagine your surprise that this is yet another Mo Manning image!  This one was perfect for the purpose.  John and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary of togetherness .. although on that anniversary day I was ready to kill him, it was, as usual only temporary -- my eldest daughter said she could feel the love in the next room (heavy duty eye-rolling here).  John is the love of my life though, and aggravations aside, I'd have no other!  This image is meant to represent us --  I have black hair and am a little on the well-rounded side; John's hair is brown and grey (I didn't add the grey) and he's quite a bit more slender.  He was happy and even said - they sort of look like us!   What more could I ask?!?
Materials:  Digital Image: Mo Manning; CS: SU: Sizzix border; Colour by Copic

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Jenn Joncas said...

Awwww..... so sweet (: Isn't it great when you find the love of your life??!!! Happy Anniversary!! Sorry I forgot to send an email on the actual day!! Beautiful card by the way!! I love those Mo Mannning images!!