Friday, December 17, 2010

Totally Tool

I have taken the afternoon off, rather than risk spending Christmas in prison!  At home I can work blissfully on my cards and just generally relax.  However, there appear to be quite a spate of sick people at work and among my friends - not a good think.  I routinely make cards for my boss to send to people, and this is one that is destined for one of our construction guys who has had better days to be sure.  Not having any blueprints lying around, I found an image on the internet, copied it into Word and adjusted it to increase that "construction feel".  I hope it cheers him up.  I certainly felt better after making it so maybe it will work!
Stamps:  SU: Senitment: Ippity: DP: Word; Colour by Copic (or course)..

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Jenn Joncas said...

I sure wish I could have stayed home today! The worst thing I did was call someone a little bugger though (: (not to his face of course)so I'm all OK.

Cool card Kirst! I really like the distressing and the layering! The stamps were perfect for a construction guy.