Monday, July 12, 2010

Worldly Women

This is a birthday card for a 40(ish) friend of mine --- definitely closer to 40 than 50, but what the heck - I like the image and the saying.  Note the touch of grey in her hair for realism!  The inside of the card completes the saying (not shown here) --- The whole message is --- I've entered the snapdragon part of my life ---- Part of me has snapped and the rest is draggin'!  Too cute!
Stamp:  Inky Antics; Bow by Bow-Easy; Nestabilities and Martha Stewart Glitter
Don't forget to look at the next card in my blog - it's very cute!


Debby/Darthy said...

Too funny. What a great card! She's so cute. I love the touch of gray in her hair too. Her sparkly shoes are great. Maybe she's really Dorothy all grown up? (wizard of oz)

Stephanie Zito said...

Now this is hilarious! LOVE it!!!